Mid School

Grades 1 to 10 have been kept under Middle School in Dharan Adarsha Boarding Secondary School which comprises of academic structure from Primary level to Secondary Level as the timing and block have been set for the teaching learning activities. The school has followed up the National Curriculum of Nepal Prescribed by the National Education Board (NEB).

The school has developed an integrated syllabus for the level comprising the contents of National Curriculum and Basic requirements of Global Education in the present context. The School has identified the sectors of learning in its curriculum for the overall development of the students. The Concept Based Learning, a pedagogical idea has been made a soul to the organization to promote the academic level of the student and has been expected to meet the International Curriculum in Education. The general practice of project work in school level in school level research work shall, of course, help in building the student reach the international standard of education. They can adjust themselves in every corner of the world through their academic practice and skills in the world.

The periodical Presentation Skill Test, Oral activities, different clubs and their activities shall lead the student to be innovative and virtue students ahead to adjust themselves in senior level education.

The independent CC and ECA Department shall lead them to the successful leadership activities and accept every type of academic activity. It makes them able to be well socialized to declare themselves an ideal citizen.

The teaching faculty has well been encouraged to proceed the academic activities in an unchallenged way that can accept the well acquired principles in carrying out activities designed for the school level. The teaching faculty has been trained with an innovative teaching ideas according to the new pedagogical approaches and methodologies and integrated syllabus the school has made.

The school Time

Morning 9:30 – 4:15

Dharan Adarsha undoubtedly claims for its position in service rendering job in the field of education in Eastern Region. The school firmly believes in the action that can give justice in reaching the destination of one’s aim in academic career. It nurtures the new generations of present time to accelerate themselves in combat against the future challenges for their sustainability and be ideal citizen for the country and ideal generation for the family and communities.

We have highly accomplished, experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculty graduating from top National and International Universities.

Dharan Adarsha has a strong leadership team comprising of professionals with a lots of experience in the academic management of school. 

The school has introduced a Concept Based Learning method to build the students confidence in learning or education.