Our Strengths

Our Strengths

Dharan Adarsha undoubtedly claims for its position in service rendering job in the field of education in Eastern Region. The school firmly believes in the action that can give justice in reaching the destination of one’s aim in academic career. It nurtures the new generations of present time to accelerate themselves in combat against the future challenges for their sustainability and be ideal citizen for the country and ideal generation for the family and communities.

The school has introduced a Concept Based Learning method to build the students confidence in learning or education. This approach fully emphasizes on activities as per the content of teaching available and make children involve in research and prepare the project work. Our prime concern to this approach is that the students earn confidence by their own efforts and inquisitiveness. To accomplish a task, students must have strong preparedness. This job motivates students to labour hard to achieve the academic goals.

Evaluation system recognises the strength of the school. Our school has identified both Summative and reformative/ diagnostic test of the students periodically.

 We have highly accomplished, experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculty graduating from top National and International Universities and are involved in teaching in the best Universities and Colleges in the city. These motivated teachers/mentors can lead the students into a place where our loving students can get platform in exploring their own potential for their holistic development at the core. We ensure developing a team of teachers who are passionate about the teaching profession, have competencies in their assignments and the disposition of perpetual learners. In order to develop our teachers’ professional skills and update their knowledge on the latest teaching and learning pedagogies, Dharan Adarsha Professionally organizes regular in– house trainings for our teachers to help them assess, reflect on and improve their current practices and to keep them abreast of the latest developments in education as per the vision of the School and the programmes to be conducted ahead. We encourage our teaching faculty members to develop a passion in them for learning new skills/ ideas to enable them to nurture our students as new generation in the best possible way.

Dharan Adarsha has a strong leadership team comprising of professionals with a lots of experience in the academic management of school. The entire team is responsible for analysing, designing, delivering and meticulously upgrading quality education programmes and various services. Dharan Adarsha has set an academic Advisors’ group to upgrade the education level of the school in a standard way.

Our academic advisors too comprise of education practitioners, educators and trainers with a wealth of experience in leading school education, consuls and consultants, and so on to provide guidelines and support to the school for efficient planning and delivery of quality education and related services.

In addition to classroom for teaching the school has set different labs according the nature of the course to accomplish the partial fulfillment of the course of the subject. The assessment of students’ learning or achievement is done through presentation skills in the seminar hall. This has been applied to primary level to high school education.

This is the prime concern of every parent.  We assure our parents that our parents  have an opportunity to observe the academic and behavioural progress of their wards within the school programmes. The interest of parents upon their children and their activities regarding learning really helps in shaping the children in right academic and cultural norms, we believe. The school has periodical programmes for parents to involve in education at school and share their feeling and experiences of success in the life.

 Besides the involvement in education, parents are encouraged to put visionary ideas and information with the principal periodically that has been mentioned in academic calendar of the school.

In the present context, academic achievement is not sufficient in building the human resources. They need to be acquainted with different skills and values of the things they either do at home or school under activities. They need to pay high attention on what they are engaged with and think what the result of them shall be.

The school has developed a balanced curriculum for school level and is working with the coverage of the activities under its integrated syllabus in stipulated time frame. The curriculum has focused on trainings on physical education, the arts and crafts, Math and Science, thinking activities and moral judgement. Our school focuses on the balance development of students along with academic excellence. The development of social, moral, spiritual, physical values of life has been highly prioritized in the school that, of course, sets the foundation of career and discipline, culture in students’ life in future.

The school has its own independent ECA Department to carry out both Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities in the school. School emphasizes on the scholastic programmes that helps children be more inquisitive in learning things and help them to be more confident and open in the life.  Our ECA Department has different sub committees to launch the programmes in a standard way level wisely to meet the global needs. The level of the students shall be made on the basis of the age group and the classes, so that children can compete as per the ability and physical development of them. The department encourages students to go out for strong performance in different field. This Department has established different clubs for Literature development, Games and sports development and cultural development. we have Literature Club, Games and Sports Club and cultural Clubs that encourage students involve in drama, music, dance and the other cultural protection programmes.

Our goal is to instill the eastern values of community spirit with the western values of individuality and independence in the minds of young learners. This includes understanding their role in the community. Students learn the value of interacting positively with peers, juniors and elders as well as the community that will enable them to become good citizens and prepare them for the rigors of life.

Through value–based progressive education, we intend to create a highly conducive learning environment in which students are able to attain better academic results. We will also create an outstanding teaching environment in which our staff are more purposeful and fulfilled, and therefore become more productive. We empower students with social awareness that will help them work with, and relate to, others effectively, and provide them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore, and develop themselves to their full potential.

Our school has given more priority for students to involve in social development activities along with academic programmes. The school has students organisation to work together among the students and share the ideas and feelings. The students themselves can organise the programmes for the service to needy people and the other. Dharan Adarsha Child Club, Junior Red Cross Circle, Scout, Interact Club and cultural clubs. These clubs within the school help children develop their personal skills in working in mass and society.

The school has taken trainings in different academic sectors as a primary function of teaching to make students able to do something in proficiently. They need skills at doing something before they are assigned. The school has managed expertise in different sectors to provide training to children before they are exposed to the programmes. For oratory programmes, the children are trained to organise the programmes, noting the point and justification, and presentation skills. Similarly, Handwriting trainings, Social service task, Fund raising programmes, events management training, culinary arts and techno based trainings are given to students in need.

The world is being engulfed with pandemics. There has been a threat to mankind due to virus and bacteria everywhere. So, school has set a large sanitization tunnel to protect them from infectious diseases and virus. The school timely trains and inspires its children to maintain the sanitation and hygiene to protect oneself from epidemics and the viral diseases.