Let children do more creative work in their own conscience. Do not compel them do the things in your choice… the environment you have created at home or school interest them to accommodate themselves as intended environment you want to see them in.

This is the foundation level of the school. The programmes in this level are being operated with modern techniques of teaching. Child friendly activities along with Montessori and Play with Method have been applied to the classroom activities.

The school focuses on foundation level education to prepare the kids for upper classes according to age group and level of competency. The level prepares the students in oral strength where small kids can develop a sense of leadership in their activities. The physical development, Mental development and Multi skill development shall primarily be given emphasis through different Sensorial Activities, Physical Activities and Extra Curricular Activities. Life skill education, valued education shall also be taken up along with academic activities.

The school has developed an independent lab for the kids to develop their interpersonal skills. Well- equipped classroom, Play station, well designed school curriculum and annual ECA activities for the Pre-schooling children shall of course be the fruitful in building them as intended by the loving Parents/Guardians.

The school has its own independent faculty for promoting the Preparatory Level. Well trained instructor as a co-ordinator shall take the full responsibility of the kids we have in our school. The teaching faculty has been well instructed and trained with the modern approaches of education in preparatory level.

The school has its own Infirmary Department to provide with the basic or primary health service to the children. This department not only provides health assistance, but also counsels and instructs the kids for hygiene maintenance either at home or school.

To build the students ideal citizen to adjust in the global societies is our prime responsibility.

School Admin

Dharan Adarsha undoubtedly claims for its position in service rendering job in the field of education in Eastern Region. The school firmly believes in the action that can give justice in reaching the destination of one’s aim in academic career. It nurtures the new generations of present time to accelerate themselves in combat against the future challenges for their sustainability and be ideal citizen for the country and ideal generation for the family and communities.

We have highly accomplished, experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculty graduating from top National and International Universities.

Dharan Adarsha has a strong leadership team comprising of professionals with a lots of experience in the academic management of school. 

The school has introduced a Concept Based Learning method to build the students confidence in learning or education.