Words of Academic Director

The establishment of Dharan Adarsha Boarding School was possible by the dream of the Educationists, Lecturers and Teachers of the Eastern Region to establish a best school in Dharan in 2069 V. S. Their dream proved into reality from the establishment of this school. The birth of this school was possible from Bharabi Science Academy, (First+2 of Dharan) and the Academicians as well as the promoters changed the name and venue of this +2 and were able to give new dimension to this school. Even in the First Bath of our Dharan Adarsha Boarding School, there were eight sections in Science, Management and Hotel Management (4+3+1 Sections Respectively). During that period, the promoters selected the teachers who had established themselves as the best teachers in the Eastern Region in the teaching-learning activities by providing more handsome salary rather than the other schools. One year later, Dharan Adarsha School merged with the Boarding Mavi (Secondary School) and established its identity as Dharan Adarsha Boarding School in Nepal.

Dharan Adarsha Boarding School always makes and breaks new records in Dharan Sub-metropolitan in the result of SEE and the National Education Board (NEB). In this connection, it is not exaggeration to intensify that our school is the Record Holder in the Annual Exam of the +2 Level. Last year, Mr. Rajan Thapa obtained more than 95% (GPA 3.83) from the Stream of Science. It was the highest record in the history of Dharan in the Annual Exam of Grade: 11. In the similar vein, Muna Koirala was able to be the Board First among girls and Board Third from the Stream of Management obtaining 88.8% in the Academic year 2074/075.  Similarly, in our First Batch, Mr. Bhabesh Rai became Board Second in the +2 Level. Our school believes in the qualitative education. Even the average students progress better than the expectation of their parents and guardians. For qualitative education, teachers need to be adequately prepared. Teacher preparation, orientation, and training will, therefore, move into the path of better education at this school.

The contribution of teachers to all aspects of improving the education, through teaching, student empowerment and such other aspects will be recognized. With regards to Dharan Adarsha Boarding School, the introduction of this Educational Institute will bring a drastic change in discipline, character and the achievements of our students. Even weak students are paid special attention by teachers and the administration of our school. There is the regular monitoring of the students, teachers by the Academic Director and the principal. I request to our parents, guardians and well-wishers to send their children to Dharan Adarsha Boarding School without any sign of doubt for the progress of their children. Every child is treated psychologically by the school realizing that “A child is a book which a teacher has to turn from page to page.”

The achievements of Dharan Adarsha Boarding School is better rather than the other schools of Dharan for the further study in Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, BBA, BIM, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism. Thus, our school is able to be the destination of so many students, parents and well-wishers so far. I am sure to express that Dharan Adarsha Boarding School keeps on its fame in better condition in future.

Enjoy the “Joy of Learning” and proceed on the path of success by kindling your uniqueness, building self-confidence and developing into all around personal.

“No fear when Dharan Adarsha Boarding School is here.”

Mohan Pokhrel (PhD Scholar, English)

Dharan Adarsha undoubtedly claims for its position in service rendering job in the field of education in Eastern Region. The school firmly believes in the action that can give justice in reaching the destination of one’s aim in academic career. It nurtures the new generations of present time to accelerate themselves in combat against the future challenges for their sustainability and be ideal citizen for the country and ideal generation for the family and communities.

We have highly accomplished, experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculty graduating from top National and International Universities.

Dharan Adarsha has a strong leadership team comprising of professionals with a lots of experience in the academic management of school. 

The school has introduced a Concept Based Learning method to build the students confidence in learning or education.