Words of Principal

Welcome to Dharan Adarsha Boarding Secondary School, a learning organization that thrives always to learn the best practices in education in local and global context and keep transforming itself as a whole institution!

Dharan Adarsha, is the institution that believes in providing learning opportunities and environment for children to aspire for high achievement with practice of its own culture and values. Our school is very conscious about the fact that every individual child is potential in their own level. They are to be identified and nurtured in time. Therefore, we are ready to encourage every student for insightful learning with confidence and skills.

The visionary and experienced leadership, in the school really inspires us to implement the strategic planning for the progress of the institution, and has inspired and encouraged us to perform better every year with wider innovations and deep-commitment day in and day out. This also has enabled us to gain the trust of children, their parents and guardians and many well-wishers of the society. The regular support and affection of the parents and well-wishers have made us prosper more for the best production and move ahead.

Dharan Adarsha Boarding Secondary School, as always, is determined to foster not only knowledge development of learners but also their multiple intelligence and to cultivate the sentiment of global changes and challenges. Such achievements, we expect, are possible only through the determined, dedicated and able teaching faculty and the entire team of the school. The can bring moto of the school alive through their continuous effort and positive actions for the transformation of the children. Therefore, we value the welfare of our teachers by providing better working environment and opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. We encourage them to use the best resources and their best experiences.

We assure that we set everything for the new years ahead with new endeavors towards the new height of achievements.

We welcome you at Dharan Adarsha Boarding School in Dharan City, on Laxmi Sadak to discover what we offer and what really makes Dharan Adarsha an appropriate school for your child.

Lokendra Shrestha, Principal

Dharan Adarsha undoubtedly claims for its position in service rendering job in the field of education in Eastern Region. The school firmly believes in the action that can give justice in reaching the destination of one’s aim in academic career. It nurtures the new generations of present time to accelerate themselves in combat against the future challenges for their sustainability and be ideal citizen for the country and ideal generation for the family and communities.

We have highly accomplished, experienced and enthusiastic teaching faculty graduating from top National and International Universities.

Dharan Adarsha has a strong leadership team comprising of professionals with a lots of experience in the academic management of school. 

The school has introduced a Concept Based Learning method to build the students confidence in learning or education.